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Practical matters when arranging probate

The period which comes immediately after someone has died can be one which is uncertain and difficult both emotionally and financially.  This is a brief note of the most important actions to be taken at this difficult time. Locate the Will. It is important to locate the deceased’s Will and if it is not immediately available, to conduct a thorough search of the home of the person who has died …Read More

3-step Guide to Signing Your Will (Short Video)

We all know the importance of making a Will – it gives reassurance that everything will be in order for our loved ones when we pass on. Our spouse, our children, grandchildren and other family and friends will receive our assets in accordance with our wishes and their needs. What is not so well known is that if a Will is not properly signed, then that Will can be invalidated. …Read More

What can be done for those left out of a Will or on Intestacy

As a general rule, any person is free to leave their estate as they see fit.  However, that does not prevent the provisions of their Will being challenged after death if someone is left out of a Will.  Even where an estate is intestate (there is no Will), the statutory provision made in default can be challenged. In recent times, more people cohabit rather than marry and second marriages or …Read More

The Undead Spouse: Unintentional Revocation of Wills

You can change or revoke your Will at any time during your lifetime as long as you have the mental capacity to do it.  However, revocation of a Will can also occur as a result of events, including marriage and divorce. Marriage can revoke a Will … Revocation of Wills by marriage is often overlooked as the happy occasion actually tends to be a busy time for everyone involved, naturally. Thoughts …Read More

Solicitors warn about storing passwords in Wills

A growing trend widely reported in the media of people leaving usernames and passwords in their Wills is causing more problems than it solves, warns Francis Durrant, a solicitor and Partner specialising in Wills at Barr Ellison Solicitors. “I would recommend not putting sensitive information in a Will but rather in a separate note stored with it or, more usefully, along with a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA),” says Francis. …Read More

With this Nil Rate Band, I Thee Wed

Weddings and funerals are inextricably linked – by tax. When a couple get married, they are already having an impact on how much inheritance tax they will pay. Each and every person is entitled to a nil rate band of £325,000. If the full nil rate band is available, this means that the first £325,000 of any deceased’s estate incurs inheritance tax at 0%. The value of the estate in …Read More