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The Trouble with Lifetime Maintenance Orders

Any wife coming before the court today on a divorce seeking a maintenance order for the rest of her life has a high hurdle to climb.  These orders are much harder to achieve than say 10 years ago and in the cases coming from the higher courts the judges are taking the view that, after a period of support, almost any former wife can gain employment.  In the 2014 case …Read More

Can Discretionary Trusts be Protected in Divorce?

In the context of financial proceedings both the husband and the wife are required to make full and frank disclosure of their respective financial positions. For some parties, the concept of ‘full and frank’ is clear: they must disclose everything they have. For others, it can be more of a selective process. In a number of cases, one party or even both are beneficiaries under a discretionary trust. Discretionary trusts …Read More