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Incorporation of Retention of Title (Romalpa) Clauses in Contracts

Romalpa clauses are commonplace in standard trading terms and sale of goods contracts following the long-established case of Romalpa (1976). They are designed to protect a seller who is unable to obtain payment for goods that have been delivered to a buyer.  The buyer is in possession of the goods but the title to those rests with the seller under a clause of this type. These clauses are often turned …Read More

A Game Changer: Rent Payable in Administration

The Court of Appeal has given its judgment in the Game Station case. It changes the way that rent is treated in administration. The decision to put the Game Group of companies into administration on 26 March 2012 (the day after the quarter day) was not a date chosen at random. It was a date that was very specifically identified because £10,000,000 in rent had become due on the previous …Read More