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Protecting your Assets: Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Obligations

From April 2018, rented commercial properties will have to meet certain minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES). The MEES are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are part of the UK’s efforts to hit its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. From April 2018, it will be illegal to extend existing leases or to grant new leases unless the premises rates at least an “E” on its Energy Performance Certificate. From …Read More

The Value of Green Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings

It has taken time for the commercial property world to appreciate the value of green buildings and there is still plenty of room to improve energy efficiency and investment. Some landlords continue to see energy efficiency as a threat to profitability. They remain unconvinced that improvements in energy efficiency will bring returns on their investments and boost their margins. However, the UK government has taken steps to educate, incentivise and …Read More

EPCs in private rented sector: implications for landlords

With the introduction of the Green Deal and the BPF Energy Efficiency and the Private Rented Sector Guide,  it is at long last time to suspend cynicism about the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) regime. It now looks as though EPCs will – in the future – have some actual effect and now is the time to start planning for that inevitability. Tackling poor energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions for …Read More