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Property ownership for cohabitees – common myths

I return to the subject of property ownership for cohabitees having blogged about it some time ago because of the number of people to whom I speak who still have a serious misconception about their legal rights in property when they are cohabiting rather than married. The message is slow to get out there, but it is a very important message. Disregard entirely the law relating to marital breakdown The following are the …Read More

Co-owning property – consider the future to protect your share of ownership

No one can predict the future, but when it comes to jointly purchasing a property it is best to consider what you would want to happen to your property should your co-ownership come to an end. Where two or more people purchase a property together they must decide whether to hold the property as ‘joint tenants’ or as ‘tenants in common’. These terms often confuse potential buyers since – despite …Read More

Divorce and Cohabitation

Divorce and cohabitation are relatively common bedfellows (no pun intended). Cohabitation is a long standing living arrangement which to all intents and purposes is similar to a marriage, except there is no marriage licence. Cohabitation is relevant in divorce proceedings in the following ways. Did the couple cohabit prior to marrying? When divorcing, it is necessary to know if the parties cohabited before the marriage. If cohabitation seamlessly traversed the …Read More

Your home is your castle, except when cohabiting

My last blog (Property ownership for cohabitees – common myths exposed) set out the common misconceptions people have concerning their legal status when they cohabit. Here I address what can be done to avoid problems when cohabiting parties separate. Note that there have not been any recent major changes of the law in this area. Cohabitees continue to have limited rights in comparison to married couples or those in a civil …Read More