At Barr Ellison, we do not under-estimate the difficulties which can be encountered when someone loses the mental and/or physical ability to manage their day to day affairs.

Our team of specialist practitioners is here to assist you, should you wish to put in hand arrangements to deal with such eventualities.

Lasting Powers of Attorney
Are you concerned about the management of your property and financial affairs if you become unable to deal with them? By making a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), you are able to choose the person or persons (known as an attorney) who would look after those matters for you.

You may also make a Lasting Power of Attorney for your personal welfare where your chosen attorney could deal with other matters, such as the choice of a care home, if your mental capacity prevents you making rational decisions.

By registering your LPAs at the time of making them, your attorney will be able to assist you as soon as the need arises.

For further information, see our Legal Guide to Lasting Powers of Attorney.

The Court of Protection
If you do not make a Lasting Power of Attorney for your property and financial affairs, then, when difficulties arise, someone (probably a member of your family) will need to apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed as your Deputy. We can assist with the application and offer advice during such difficult times.

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