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Landlords may Choose to Replace or Repair

Good news for landlords.  A recent case has confirmed that a landlord may choose any... Read More

Treatment of Debts and Joint Home Ownership

Treatment of Debts and Joint Home Ownership

For the first time since 1898, the Court of Appeal has considered the equity of... Read More

Setting Aside a Will – Fraud and Forgery

Setting aside a Will due to fraud or forgery

These are serious allegations which should not be made lightly. The most common forms... Read More

Thank You for a Great Cambridge Bumps 2017

We were delighted to welcome around 275 guests to our annual Cambridge Bumps event at... Read More

New Pre-action Protocol for Debt Claims from October 2017

Pre-action Protection for Debt Claims - Sarah Payne, Litigation Solicitor

The Ministry of Justice has published the final version of the new pre-action protocol for ... Read More

Ilott Changes Little for Contested Wills & Probate Claims

IMAGE: Ilott changes little in contested wills and probate

The 2015 Court of Appeal decision in Ilott v Mitson excited much interest. Today (15 March ... Read More