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Splitting: is Divorce really only for the Wealthy?

PHOTO: Karen Anker, Family Law & Divorce Solicitor

The new BBC drama The Split has generated press attention focusing on the hourly... Read More

Family Breakdown: What are my Rights?

Family breakdown - what are my rights?

What are my rights? This is the question most people caught up in family breakdown ask... Read More

Why Collaborative Law for Divorcing Couples?

The Collaborative Family Law Process

“Thanks very much again for all you did to help us reach agreement, Karen. It was a... Read More

The Dreaded Summer Holidays?

PHOTO: Karen Anker, Family Law & Divorce Solicitor

Whilst children look forward to the summer holidays with fevered anticipation, it can... Read More

Owens and Owens – Setback for Divorcing Couples

Unreasonable behaviour: a means to petition for divorce

The judgement in the case of Owens and Owens on 24th March 2017 was widely covered in the... Read More

The Trouble with Lifetime Maintenance Orders

Lifetime Maintenance Orders

Any wife coming before the court today on a divorce seeking a maintenance order for the... Read More