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Property Developers and Urban Explorers

IMAGE: Construction Site

In recent years, a subculture has developed that has caused property owners and property... Read More

Property Owners: Getting Trespassers Out As Quickly As Possible

Cambridge Street England

Trespassers will be prosecuted; a phrase familiar to all property owners. Often, the... Read More

Breach of Subletting Covenants

A recent Court of Appeal case has highlighted the importance for tenants to comply with... Read More

Commercial Tenants told to Mind the Gap

Mind the Registration Gap

A recent High Court case has emphasised the importance of getting assignments of leases... Read More

Developers: Building Contracts & Implied Terms

In the recent case Clin v Walter Lilly [2018] EWCA Civ 490, the Court of Appeal has found... Read More

Landlords: Unreasonably refusing consent to assign

PHOTO: Elizabeth Deyong, Head of Commerical Property at Barr Ellison

The Court of Appeal has recently provided clarification to both residential and... Read More