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Lawyers on Board with Magpas Helimedix

Image: Magpas Helimedix Air Ambulance
PHOTO: Barr Ellison team and medics in front of the Magpas helicopter

Barr Ellison team and medics in front of the Magpas helicopter

Magpas, our Charity of the Year, were kind enough to meet lawyers from our Personal Injury team, show us around their Helimedix Operations Base at Wyton, and even let us clamber into their helicopter for a few photos!

Out in the windswept fens near Huntingdon, there is a team of enhanced A&E doctors and critical care paramedics, helicopter pilots and crew members, waiting to attend serious accidents in the East of England and beyond.  We got a first-hand look at the helicopter, rapid response BMW, medical supplies and equipment which let them provide such a life-saving service.  Our tour also took in the heroes working behind the scenes who look after shift rotas, staffing levels, governance and even the sewing up of emergency equipment bags!

In exchange, we brought a stash of cakes and buns for the crew and staff as they waited for ‘the call’. We’re pleased to report that all was quiet during our visit. However, it was incredible to see how much planning, equipment, teamwork and skill goes into dispatching the right medics to the right location in a crisis.  The guys seemed to really enjoy working with Magpas and their enthusiasm was brilliant.  Many of our seriously injured clients owe their lives to Magpas.

Who are Magpas?
Magpas – The Emergency Medical Charity – provides an enhanced air ambulance and emergency response service, despatched to medical emergencies within Cambridgeshire, the East of England and beyond.

Crucially the flights carry specialist trauma doctors and paramedics who can start treatment straight away, thus saving more lives and reducing the effect of head and other severe injuries. Serious incidents can happen anywhere; at the roadside, in town centres, at sporting events, in remote locations, at the water’s edge, in the school playground or even in someone’s home. Many of the UK’s highly trained medics volunteer with Magpas to provide frontline medical care – free of charge.

Please take a moment to watch their latest YouTube Magpas video, which explains how the Helimedix are called out: http://youtu.be/NWC8iUST5nU

Image: Magpas Helimedix Air Ambulance

Magpas Helimedix Air Ambulance

Magpas has attended over 60,000 patients since they were founded in 1971. They receive no Government or National Lottery funding and rely wholly on generous donations from the public.

Why are we helping them?
The Personal Injury team at Barr Ellison are regularly instructed by the families of victims who have been seriously injured, or tragically died, in catastrophic accidents throughout East Anglia.  We see the difference Magpas can make, and the extremely difficult conditions they can find themselves working in.  Barr Ellison think Magpas deserve this recognition, and we are therefore proud to team up with them.


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