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First in Brain Injury Studies | Headway Certificate

Emma Truin is Head of Personal Injury at Barr Ellison
Emma Truin is Head of Personal Injury at Barr Ellison

Emma Truin is Head of Personal Injury at Barr Ellison

Emma Truin is the first lawyer in the Cambridgeshire area to achieve the accolade of a Headway Certificate in Brain Injury Studies, which involved an academic year of study.

“It’s all about having an empathy with your client; the course gave me a deeper insight into just how amazing our clients are.  They have to work so hard to tackle daily issues that we take for granted.”

Truin, who is one of a handful of lawyers ranked in the legal 500 top tier personal injury specialists. admits she found the Headway Certificate course challenging.

“I hadn’t undertaken any formal study for over twenty years so it came as bit of a shock to be back writing essays and waiting anxiously for results!”

But she is clear that the Headway Certificate will help her in dealing with her clients on a day to day basis.

The course was run by the University of Nottingham and covered two modules: ‘Understanding Brain Injury’ and ‘Promoting Recovery After Brain Injury’.

“It’s given me a greater understanding of the mechanics of head injury and reinforced that understanding, compassion and support are what our clients need.  Psychological adjustment is often the biggest gain for someone following traumatic brain injury.  Having an interdisciplinary team working with our clients and their family helps to facilitate social inclusion and promote re-engagement, which are key to enriching lives.

“The change in loved ones is often devastating for family and friends.  The course provided time to think about my clients outside the legal process and therefore has enabled me to think outside the box when speaking with them and their loved ones.

“We always want to do the best for our clients, to go that extra mile in achieving the most positive outcome for them. You can only do that if you have a proper knowledge of the nature and effect of a head injury. It helps you spot problems before they occur and tap into the most effective rehabilitation resources and certainly the course offered a real focus on these issues.”

Emma continues to lead her team of lawyers specialising in catastrophic injury and – with an office based in Addenbrooke’s Hospital – she has no doubt that they are best placed to provide immediate and appropriate legal advice.

“We’re on hand to help from the beginning.  It can be difficult for clients and their families to secure the best legal advice and guidance following a traumatic accident but with our knowledge and experience we can take away the worry of the legal aspect of their situation.  This certificate allows me to give clients additional reassurance that we have the depth and breadth of understanding to best help them.”

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