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Bionic legs for military amputees

Ambulance Delivers Casualty for Evacuation

Ambulance Delivers Casualty for EvacuationPhotographer: Sgt Pete Mobbs RAF – Image 45150090 www.defenceimages.mod.uk

All credit to the government for setting aside £6.5 million so that injured military personnel who have legs amputated can be given the most up-to-date prosthetic limbs.

The micro-processor limbs, known as “bionic legs”, will be available to service personnel who have been wounded in Iraq or Afganistan and will offer them greater stability and mobility. The move is expected to benefit about 160 members of the armed forces.

The “bionic legs”, the same as those used by Paralympics discus thrower and former soldier Derek Derenalagi, will significantly improve the quality of life and speed of rehabilitation for amputees. The new technology provides better stability and greater mobility as well as improvement in the ability to step over obstacles, negotiate stairs and walk backwards safely.

Our wounded servicemen, women and veterans deserve the best. I welcome this development as it will transform lives.

By Daryl RobinsonPersonal Injury Lawyer at Cambridge solicitors Barr Ellison.

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