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Commercial Property

Commercial Property

Barr Ellison is a unique legal services business and proud to be so.

We are small enough for you to know everyone who works for you personally and for us to get to know you and the rest of your team. We don't want our clients to feel lost in the crowd - we want to help you stand out from them. We want that to be the reason you choose us to work with you.

Plus we want to offer an exceptional legal service which is why the Commercial Property Team consists of hand-picked experts in their fields.

More than this, our team has a proper understanding of commercial risk. We think like you because we have years of experience working alongside clients to get deals done.

We relish a challenge but that doesn't mean we make complex transactions more complicated. We never lose sight of what matters to you.

We love what we do and we love doing it well.

Our areas of expertise include:
• Acquisition and disposal of freehold and leasehold properties
• Landlord and tenant
• Collateral warranties
• Construction contracts
• Collaboration agreements and Promotion agreements
• Development agreements
• Planning applications, agreements and appeals
• Property litigation
• Insolvency & restructuring
• Property finance
• Options
• Renewable energy projects
• Asset management

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Landlord & Tenant

Barr Ellison Solicitors is a major player in the provision of legal services to the property market in Cambridgeshire. We have a strong base of land-owning clients built up over our 150 years of providing service to the region. Our extensive experience in complex commercial transactions means that we are set up to manage large property portfolios (both residential and commercial) for our clients.

Leases are of course an essential element of letting land and Barr Ellison advises on all aspects including:
• Consideration of the Heads of Terms of the lease in conjunction with the commercial agent.
• Considering references of the tenant and any guarantor.
• Preparation of the lease, and dealing with any security of tenure issues.
• Advising upon the requirement for a guarantee and preparing it.
• Advising you upon and preparing a Rent Deposit deed.
• Dealing with enquiries to obviate any delay which might otherwise occur.
• The preparation of other lease documents such as licences to assign, authorised guarantee agreements, etc.
Landlord & Tenant Disputes

If possible, remember to approach Barr Ellison before you have finalised the terms of the transaction to ensure you get most value and benefit out of your legal advisor.

Call 01223 417200 and ask for a member of the Commercial Property Team

Property Development

Established in Cambridgeshire since the 19th century, Barr Ellison has built up a solid reputation over the years for working with our clients to achieve enhanced value for their land. The firm has acted in many large and small scale developments, assisting clients throughout from property sale or acquisition through to planning agreements, joint venture agreements, overage agreements and infrastructure issues.

Recent instructions have included:
• Acting for a major land-owner in relation to a section 106 Agreement involving the build out of a proposed eco-town of approximately 5,000 dwellings.
• Acting for land owners to agree the terms of a section 106 agreement and preparing the terms of a complex sale agreement following the grant of planning consent, dealing with attendant tax issues and the ultimate completion of the multi-million pound sale.
• The successful acquisition for a local authority of a 5.6 acre field sporting facility forming part of the authority’s wider long term promotion of sporting activities with funding from the English Cricket Board. The freehold title was complex with pre-existing leases to be surrendered, a restrictive covenant to be removed and existing access rights for neighbouring properties to be resolved, in addition to VAT issues.
• A complex property sale and leaseback arrangement for a listed medical research company to re-position the company’s liabilities. These arrangements were successfully concluded to a strict timetable in order to comply with stock exchange requirements.
• In partnership with a specialist liquidator, the voluntary solvent liquidation of a multi-million pound property company and the incorporation of a number of new companies to enable operations to be restructured in accordance with the owner’s goals.
• Acting for a nationwide high street bank in relation to their property transactions in the Cambridgeshire region with values in excess of £1 million.

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Renewable Energy

Whoever you are and whatever business you’re in, you can’t fail to have noticed the growth of the Green Agenda in politics and across all sectors of the economy. We don’t want to contribute to the tendency towards information overload so we will give you only one statistic: Britain is committed to producing 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

That is great news for our existing clients in the renewable sector, and for our clients who want to benefit from green energy. We act for businesses involved in a wide range of renewable energy technologies including:
• Wind farms and single wind turbines
• Solar farms and the installation of solar panels on commercial premises
• Biomass boiler installations and
• Hydropower projects.

It’s a complex market with a raft of regulatory issues to absorb and a financial framework that’s in a constant state of flux. Our clients need advisors who understand the obstacles they are facing and who can help them work round these.

If you’ve read this far the chances are that you’re either:
• Involved in a renewable or cleantech business; or
• You’re a landowner who is thinking about investing in renewable energy for the benefit of your own land or premises.

Elizabeth Deyong is part of a team of Renewables experts at Barr Ellison Solicitors.

Elizabeth has experience of:
• Windfarm developments for developers and landowners
• Single 500 kW wind turbine projects for farmers, food producers and social housing developers
• 5 MW solar farms
• Creating and financing portfolios of solar rooftop leases on commercial buildings
• Hydropower installations.

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Food & Agriculture

Farming has always been a tough business, but with EU regulations, environmental laws and the need to diversify it's tougher than ever. To prosper nowadays takes innovative thinking, business acumen and a sound grasp of the law – and this is where our experience counts.

Whatever advice or support you need, we have the expertise – in both law and in business – to help you succeed.

Our areas of specialist expertise include:
• Agricultural holdings
• Business farm tenancies
• Capital Gains Tax mitigation
• Diversification and alternative land use
• EU legislation, including quotas, subsidies and set aside
• Environmental Law
• Farm partnership and share farm agreements
• Forestry
• Inheritance tax planning
• Mineral exploitation
• Planning
• Sporting and leisure uses

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Education Providers

Education providers face a raft of new challenges as the environment in which they operate becomes increasingly complex. As funding becomes more critical across the sector, there are pressures to find alternative methods to meet financial needs. Competition to attract the best students and to provide them with an education that produces the best results is always on the increase. Alongside all this, there is a raft of regulatory matters with which the sector must comply.

We find our education clients value a collaborative approach where we can get to know you and provide advice on legal matters within the context of your organisation’s aims and circumstances.

Our Education Team is made up of legal specialists who have experience of working with a wide variety of education providers. We support independent schools, schools converting to Foundation Trusts and Academies, the Colleges of Cambridge University, sixth form colleges and private and publicly funded centres for academic research.

Meet the Team
Elizabeth Deyong acts for the Colleges of Cambridge University, private sixth form colleges, Foundation Trusts and Academies. Elizabeth’s area of legal expertise is in property development and she has advised on all matters relating to operational premises and development projects including the development of new student accommodation

Alison Barr is a corporate specialist. She has experience of setting up charitable companies for a number of different types of providers including a day nursery and a centre for academic research. Alison’s expertise is in reviewing governance models and providing advice on how to adapt these to enable education providers to manage risk at a time when the pace of change is accelerating.

Michael Blakey is a former Senior Partner of Barr Ellison for a 9 year term. His area of expertise is in advising Trustee Boards on effective and accountable governance.

Katy Adcock is an employment lawyer. She advises on contracts of employment, staff handbooks and compromise agreements and on the employment aspects of transfers of employees under TUPE Regulations as encountered by schools undergoing the conversion to Academy status.

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